Growing Spinach

Growing Spinach Sowing season:  March – May or August Ready to harvest: 8 weeks This delicious leafy green makes a great base for a salad or cooked in pasta. Also can be added to smoothies for extra iron or reduce blood pressure. Get your Spinach seeds How to grow spinach in Ireland. Spinach is best grown directly …

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Sugar Snap Peas

Growing Sugar Snap Peas

Growing Sugar Snap Peas Sowing season:  March – MayReady to harvest: 16 – 18 weeks Sugar snap peas are a delicious and healthy snack. Enjoy them raw, or lightly boiled Get your Organic Sugar Snap seeds How to grow Sugar Snap Peas in Ireland. Starting inside: Peas don’t need to be started inside but it gives the …

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Growing Pumpkin

Growing Pumpkin Sowing season:  April – JuneReady to harvest: 20 weeks   Get your Pumpkin seeds How to grow pumpkin seeds in Ireland. Starting inside: …. Planting out: … Harvest: … Get your Pumpkin seeds

Growing Courgette

Growing Courgette Sowing season:  April – JuneReady to harvest: 16 weeks Courgette are so easy to grow and will provide you with a huge harvest from just a few plants. Get your Courgette seeds Get your Yellow Courgette seeds How to grow courgette seeds in Ireland. Starting inside: Courgette seeds don’t need to be started indoors but …

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Broad Bean Seeds at Seed Bank Ireland

Growing Broad Bean

Growing Broad Bean Sowing season:  March – April Ready to harvest: 16 weeks Broad beans are some of the easiest peas to grow and are quite hardy. Making them ideal for beginner growers. Get your Broad Bean seeds How to grow Broad Beans in Ireland. Starting inside: It is not necessary to begin your seeds indoors. However, …

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Aubergine Seeds at Seed Bank Ireland

Growing Aubergine

Growing Aubergine Sowing season:  January – End of April Ready to harvest: 30 weeks This variety of Aubergine “Black Beauty” is suited to milder climates such as ours. Delicious in moussaka or as aubergine fritters. Harvest from August to October. Get your Aubergine seeds How to grow aubergine seeds in Ireland. Starting inside: Fill your seed tray …

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Growing Onions

Growing Onions Sowing season:  February – May Ready to harvest: 24 weeks Onions are the base of nearly every dish in our kitchen. Onions are so simple to grow and ideal for the irish climate, theres no reason to not have onions in you vegetable patch. Get your Onion seeds How to grow Onions in Ireland. …

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Growing Turnip

Growing Turnip Sowing season:  April – AugustReady to harvest: 8-10 weeks This fast growing plant will be ready to harvest in just 8 weeks. Sow continiously to have turnips until November. Cut the tops to have extra greens for your salads. Get your Turnip seeds How to grow turnips in Ireland. Growing outside: Turnip seeds like …

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Growing Blood Red Spring Onion

Growing Blood Red Spring Onion Sowing season:  April – JuneReady to harvest: 10 weeks This eye catching spring onion will definatley bring a splash of colour to your salads. And even better, its ready to eat in just 10 weeks. Get your seeds This varity of spring onion is best grown completly outdoors. Growing outside: With …

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Growing Spring Onion

Growing Spring Onion Sowing season:  Mid August – Mid OctoberReady to harvest: 12 weeks Spring onion’s are planted in Autunm and harvested in spring, making them ideal for your bare winter patch. These onions are great in sandwichs, salads and as a garnish. Get your Spring Onion seeds How to grow spring onions in Ireland. Spring …

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