Growing Carrots

Growing Carrots

Sowing season:  March – July
Ready to harvest: 16 weeks

This maincrop variety can be sown from early spring to summer. Can be harvested from July to October, ready in time for your warming stews and soups.

How to grow Carrots in Ireland.

Carrots are not suited for transplanting so only plant outdoors.

Growing outside:

Finely rake your vegatable patch and water well. Make drills, a half inch deep and leaving 30cm between drills. Place 1 seed every 2 inches along the drill. Cover with soil lightly.


By the end of July, the carrots should be ready to be lifted. If the carrot has crowned (the carrot has risen above the ground) it is ready. Alternatively, if you think it may be ready but has not crowned, brush away some of the soil with your finger to have a look. To lift, grab the leaf at the base and pull straight up