Growing Cauliflower

Growing Cauliflower

Sowing season:  March – June
Ready to harvest: 10 weeks

Cauliflower is a hardy vegetable that tastes delicious smothered in cheese sauce, in a warming winter soup, or as the crunch in your stir fry. Harvest from June to October.

How to grow cauliflowers in Ireland.

Starting inside:

Fill your seed tray with potting compost and give a good tap to settle the compost. Make an impression ½ cm deep and place 1 seed per impression. Cover with seived/fine compost. Germination can take 1-2 weeks. After 6 weeks harden the seedings for 1 week by leaving the seedlings outside for 1 week. After hardening off the seedlings are ready to be transplanted.

To transpant:

1 hour before transplanting, give the seedling a good watering. Create a small hole the same size as the seedling plug. Compact the soil with your boot to make the soil harder. Make one hole every 5ocm and leave 50cm between rows. If you plant closer the cauliflower will be smaller. The best time to plant is a dull day.


Harvest can take upto 10 – 12 weeks. When the curd is firm and white, the cauliflower is ready for harvest. Cut the head at the base as close to the ground as possible.

Growing tips:

To have a continuous supply plant new seeds every few weeks. You can plant upto June and harvest in October.