Growing Courgette

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Growing Courgette

Sowing season:  April – June
Ready to harvest: 16 weeks

Courgette are so easy to grow and will provide you with a huge harvest from just a few plants.

How to grow courgette seeds in Ireland.

Starting inside:

Courgette seeds don’t need to be started indoors but it will give the benefit of harvesting a month earlier. You can sow your seeds indoors from April. Use 4-inch pots (10 cm) and sow the seed at a depth of 1 inch (2-3 cm). Leave the seeds to germinate on a warm windowsill, preferably above a radiator. Courgettes are very front prone so make sure not to put them in a cold room.

Planting out:

Your courgette seedlings will be ready to transplant in May. However, as mentioned courgettes are sensitive to the cold so postpone transplanting if experiencing a cold May.

Space the plants in rows with about 2 feet between plants and 3 feet between rows. To transplant dig a hole the same size as the pot and plant the seedling in the hole. You should initaily give the plant a good watering, around a litre per plant. Courgettes are very thirsty plants so make sure to water regularly.

Sowing outdoors:

Courgette seeds can be planted outdoors from May. Sow your seeds in rows with 2 feet between plants and 3 feet between rows. In each spot sow 2 or 3 seeds, at a depth of an inch. After a few weeks thin the weakest seedling to leave just 1 at each spot.


Courgettes can be harvested once they reach about 6 inches in length. They can grow much longer but the quality of the fruit reduces. Harvest the plants regularly as this will allow new fruits to grow.

To harvest cut the fruit close to the base using a sharp knife or pruning scissors.