Growing Parsnips

Growing Parsnips

Sowing season:  April

Ready to harvest: 28 weeks

Parsnips are a hardy and easy to grow, winter staple. Ready to eat from october to March. 

How to grow parsnips in Ireland.


Prepare a drill 1cm deep and leave 25cm between drills. Water the drill before sowing. Sow 1 seed every 15cm along the drill. Cover with soil and water. Germination can take upto 1 month, so don’t worry if you don’t see seedlings start away.


Regularly hoe the area to remove competing weeds.


From sowing to harvesting will take 6-7 months. You will notice the foliage will start to die back, indicating the parsnips are ready. Use a garden fork to lift the parsnips. You do not need to harvest all together, alternatively you lift as needed. 

Growing tips:

The frost will actually sweeten the parsnips, so dont rush to lift them.