Growing Spinach

Growing Spinach

Sowing season:  March – May or August
Ready to harvest: 8 weeks

This delicious leafy green makes a great base for a salad or cooked in pasta. Also can be added to smoothies for extra iron or reduce blood pressure.

How to grow spinach in Ireland.

Spinach is best grown directly outdoors as transplanting can lead to bolting.

Sowing outdoors:

Sow spinach seeds in rows with 10 cm (4 inches) between plants and 20 cm (8 inches) between rows. Sow one seed per spot at a depth of 2 cm. For best effect, dig in compost a few weeks prior to sowing the seeds.


Spinach is ready to harvest from 8 weeks after sowing. 

You can pick individual leaves and leave the plant intact. Alternatively, you can cut the whole head. If you cut just above the base, this will encourage the head to grow back for a second crop.